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@ame_innervisions seriously shaking up his extended set at Ypoga Club in #Athens with @Echonomist_music 'At The End Of The Day', out now #watergaterecords. #BeatportSelects

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Today was a busy but productive day on the island! Thank you to everyone who made it to the Beatport Industry Luncheon, the artists in our studio interviews, the informative panels, and the champagne. A bit of rest now and then we do it all over again tomorrow. Keep up! . . . @internationalmusicsummit @realadambeyer @idaengberg @blondish @iam.themba @piganddan #ibiza #internationalmusicsummit


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More exciting news regarding the Beatport LINK integration with @denondjofficial! This partnership will also introduce the first-ever service that allows DJs to take tracks offline and store them directly on the Denon DJ hardware. Now, that should soothe all those WiFi worries. 😏 . . . #BeatportLINK #BeatportLocker #getlink #denon #partnership #DJ

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Our latest podcast speaks with an illustrious name in house music in the form of @Joycemunizmusic. The Austrian-based star lays down the groundwork to our host @tigerlightmusic that led to her debut album 'Made in Austria', opens up about her Brazilian roots, puts the call out for unsigned producers plus drops a few hints as to what's on the horizon. Head to our Spotify to check it out, link in story. . . . #beatportpodcast #housemusic #joycemuniz

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Have you heard the news? Beatport LINK has partnered w/ @denondjofficial for a first-of-its-kind integration. Now, Beatport LINK subscribers will be able to stream Beatport's extensive music catalog, from Denon DJ's standalone units (Prime4 and SC5000), with NO laptop required. . . .  #BeatportLINK  #getlink #denon #partnership #DJ

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@Jamiejonesmusic unleashing some 'Acid Souls' into the crowd at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas. Grab the new @David_Berrie banger now on @Hot_creations Creations. #BeatportSelects

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Try Beatport LINK for free! Link in bio. __ #BeatportLINK #getlink


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One of electronic music’s finest @amontobin just dropped his incredible new album ‘Fear in a Handful of Dust” on Nomark Records. Tune in for a LIVE Q&A today on Facebook Live where the man himself will be answering all your questions.

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@thebloodybeetrootsofficial jamming in his studio playing new single with @ephwurd, ‘Wildchild’ from his upcoming and well-anticipated HEAVY EP”. Show us what you got & hashtag #BPstudiojam __ #BPstudiojam #thebloodybeetroots  #woopwoop #studiolife #djproduction #gearporn

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Our latest podcast sits down for a chat with none other than @laurenlosung. Our host @tigerlightmusic chats with the Liverpool-based DJ, producer and @LolifeUK boss to find out what she's got cooking for 2019. Head to our Spotify to check it out, link in story. __ #beatportpodcast #laurenlosung #lolifeUK #housemusic #dj #liverpool

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Our 'Artist of the Week' is @DJ_Seinfeld. Hailing from Sweden and based in Malmo, his irreverent choice of pseudonym is reflected in the musical depth of his trademark jams. He's back with his new 'Galazy' EP on @YoungEthics. Video credit: @Resident_Advisor & @DGTLfestival __ #DJSeinfeld #artistoftheweek #galazy #youngethics

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Our 'Artist of the Week' hails from Sweden and has earned a revered reputation producing his trademark gritty, lo-fi house sounds under a cheeky alias inspired by one of the greatest ever sitcoms. Who is he?