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@avneetkaur_13 New YouTube video👇🏻

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Look me in the eyeliner and say that.🖤 📸- @krupalakhanii.16 Edited by- @thesahilbhurkeofficial #AllBlack #MovieTime

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Torn between wanting a snack and looking like a snack.🤷🏻‍♀️💕 📸- @krupalakhanii.16 Edited by- @aniket_salunkhe_designs


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The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.❤️ 📸- @sonianandra Edited by- @aniket_salunkhe_designs #AboutYesterday #Ootd #WhatIWore

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DOING MY HAPPY DANCE😍❤️ Now we’re a family of 5 MILLION😍🔥 Couldn’t be happier!!! All that I am today is because of your blessings! I love my angels😘😘 Thank you for always making me smile no matter what!❤️💫 And I promise to entertain you all forever!🔥🔥❤️❤️ God bless you all! 📸- @jvfilms_ Edited by- @aniket_salunkhe_designs Outfit by - @shop_in_vogue Styled by - @shrishtimunka

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Hey guys! So finally the wait is over ❤️😍 The video of “Yasmine’s New Look In Season 2” is going to be up on my YouTube channel at 3pm (IST)!❤️ This is just a trailer! Do watch the full video! And don’t forget to like, comment, share and subscribe! I hope you all enjoy this one..!!💕☀️ #Yasmine #AladdinNaamTohSunaHoga #Aladdin #NewLook #YouTuber #Season2 #Sultana #HowIGetReady

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I want to make memories all over the world.❤️ Comment down your dream travel destination 😍 Edited by- @kellansworld 🔥

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Bekhayaali mein bhi tera hi khayaal aaye.❤️💫 📸- @sonianandra


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Meet me in the middle.❤️ Styled by- @shrishtimunka

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Happy International Yoga Day and Happy World Music Day😍❤️ Stay healthy and keep listening to good music!👅❤️ #HappyInternationalYogaDay #HappyWorldMusicDay #Happy #Fitness #Blessed #Music

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Do you guys miss the old look of Yasmine?😍❤️ Yes or no? . . 📸- @thesiddharthnigam

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Today shooting for something amazing😍❤️ I know you all will love it!❤️ #ShootMode #NewBeginnings

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I do believe, It’s time for another adventure.❤️☀️ 📸- @sonianandra #Day2 #Lonavla