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A #win is short for #window It’s a small window in time. Whether you win that Grammy or VMA or Choreographed that tour.... Maybe you wrote that song or engineered that session or became A star worldwide🤷🏽‍♂️ whatever.... Whatever you did to make people think you cool just remember it’ll all pass. It’s your moment in that window. You have to be prepared when the window comes back to you to squeeze the juice out of it for yourself, for it’s always moving to the next blessing eternally. I see a lot of people peeping out the same folks they knew blowing up now that their careers are kinda weird and indifferent and on the way down. I see youngsters getting old and being called BigBro😂🤔... Are you ready to become the past and remain relevant?.... Or do you actually think you gone be hot in 10years?...if so how do you plan to sustain the #Wins when you get your windows? How long can you wear the crown 👑 and do it justice?... My success is based on my ability to answer these questions and deliver their results. This is #Madestar


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Back to the hustle....2019 I don’t care about views and likes. Just know, I’m not tryna make y’all think nothing is lit. This road is a lonely one when your shifting things. You destroy the perception you built and make a new one. “Now your gonna see me like this.” ....And that’s that.....during that shift no matter how misunderstood you are or what relationships give up on you or friends or so called friends or whatever....that’s when you are growing. The more progressive you are the more people are reminded of their stagnation and frustration. Two things I’ve always been is a innovator and a Artist. The choreography thing just came with me being the best 6 foot tall brown skinned dancer in all of California from 1996 to 2010 to be exact. So I took that level up And turned choreographer then director now Tech company owner. We are not even gonna mention my music lemme fall back.... Just follow my legacy to my platform and overstand that Dance is important on my platform and competition is very real as well. Building taward a billion you gotta stick by ya guns and bussem too💥💥💥💥 #fuckalike #fuckaveiw #doyou

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If I tagged you in this and you’re wondering why it’s because you already support me and I need you to post this on your story today or just go ahead and let everybody who follows you know what’s up with this. Your looking at 4 years of work manifested. If you could join YouTube ,FB or IG on the first day it launched live wouldn’t you🤷🏽‍♂️????? Realize that their is no platform like ours and it functions, it works. The artist XP platform is free to join!!!! I know people don’t read much but do your life a creative justice and go to Www.artistxp.com to get informed. The ArtistXP Platform is where all our fans trade content and fan traffic To support each other and also be VERIFIED!!!!! Artists musicians and dancers compete for a chance to get on the Audiodeadline! Yes you can be verified on FLII’s new platform. We are the only platform that bases verification on support and Artist advocacy. Basically you’re wack if you don’t care or you don’t share you’ll be a wack laim profile🤨. The more you support other artists trade fan traffic with them and support their music the faster you become verified and able to make money off of all of the people you attract to buy AudioDeadline tickets whether you promote to them or not. Don’t be confused there are two different websites but they both work hand-in-hand for one event that happens 3 to 4 times yearly which we call the (AudioDeadline) all of the fans from ArtistXP and traffic traders look forward to purchasing tickets to be able to see their favorite A list hip hop Acts as well as World rebound musicians, models and my favorite the DANCERS!!!!!🗣. ........Just to make sure I am extremely clear. Www.artistXP.com is the community that supports fans, artists, content, music catalog, follows, daily posts top 8 sharers, ticket sales ,affiliate program etc. 😅 Www.audiodeadline.com Is where you land after you Purchase your ticket to witness the 4 to 8 hour live stream of artists studio session. You will literally get to watch your favorite artists intimately in their creative process like a fly on the wall from the first word conceived for vocals to the last knob turned to mix and master. S/O @alfablvck

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@luvvjones_ @pretty_beautician Ayyyyeeeeeeeeeeee💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 The new Family buissness it up! That makes number 4 BTW......3 in one year to toot our horn a bit. Yea Dat!!!!! If you don’t know what to invest in then try yourself and your family to start. Erybody wanna be a star, the new Diddy or act like they building the biggest entertainment conglomerates 😂👏🏾👏🏾 Start ballin when ya stop flossing.

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When your building a company you learn how small you’ve been thinking all ya life. I got past the fact people don’t support their closest friends when I was 19 years old so I could care less who’s not paying attention. For the ones who are.....you learn who you should have been doing buissness with all along. People are afraid to step away from their comfort zone and build a real company that will outlive them. Don’t be.

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@1500ornothin Honored to bring it up to a high level of cooperation in buissness! It’s amazing to be able to do buissness as two cooperate powerhouses when it all started from doing music, making it dancing to it or whatever.... Actions gone speak louder this year indeed....all I can say is check My gram cause I ain’t gone say nothin. @audiosheyi knock it out the park when the pressure comes!!!! I know you got ya lane figured. People gone be baffled let’s just levitate and shift the paradigm.


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@_jstylz_ ..... “Oh no big deal just at the big homie event standing next to a few Hunnid million like🤷🏽‍♂️” @audiodeadline @audioflii @audiosheyi

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No matter how many times you look around that corner.....your father will be there. Happy Birthday to my one any only child @sheflii... Born on the day of new beginnings...you are perfect. To see you 4 years later and know I’ve been their everyday is perfect. To step away from this game and give you my undivided attention was the best decision I’ve ever made. #babygirl #love #pic #picoftheday #capricorn #birthdaygirl

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@sheflii just shot her first Docu’Day Short film “Onyx goes to the zoo” her YouTube is under construction but in the meantime here is a (pre-zoo) 711 snippet from the 20min short. *Go follow my baby’s growth. Witness her head start....be there.....I thank you. #babylit #supamood #proudfather #shortfilm #film #tv #childactress #earlychildhoodeducation #youtube #abcmouse #kids #girl #girl #girl #ballerbabies #smart #pic #videoedits #videostar #video #kswiss #chocolate #eggs #orange #muffins #healthydrinks #docuday #fun #happy #exited #smile #love

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@locknessent 🙏🏾 Karma works fast if ya work it....You support 3 people’s music unconditionally in the same day and then 😮 someone supports yours out of the clear blue sky.....you have to give what you want. #freegame #jewlz #higherfrequency #effortlessease