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Ariana Grande

@arianagrande thank u, next

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happy birthday ʎɹɔ oʇ ʇɟǝl sɹɐǝʇ ou (and boy was i wrong) cheers!


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thank u @time 🖤 thank u i love u so much @troyesivan

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see u next week. love u. thank u.


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thank u from the bottom of my heart to everybody who dedicated their time and energy to this beautiful moment 🖤 i’m almost done posting about it. and an extra thank u to @diddy for the most special words and energy. 🖤 i was kinda speechless n trying not to cry. i love u forreal. thank u. another extra thank u to my sis @nickiminaj for handling that shit with me. we couldn’t hear shit lmao but the audience’s energy carried us thru! 🙈 i love u endlessly and can’t thank u enough for being there. another one for the books lol.

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🖤 like did my mom write these ....? thank u so much

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hi and thank u i’m tryna stay present and decompress and enjoy this moment in real life but also, i had to come on to say thank u a million times because fuck 🖤💻 still not finished processing any of it ...... thank u

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🖤 thank u 🌵so much