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“A moment of calm for a dabbawala on the Mumbai local train.” #ShotoniPhone by Royson C. @teen_raste

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Commissioned by Apple. "Eddie is a young man from Tutuila, a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He received a full athletic scholarship to a major Division 1 university. He didn’t have a set formula to follow. Didn’t have access to proper equipment or training facilities. He only started playing the game three years ago. Eddie had so many obstacles to overcome and that’s what I love about him. He has no fear." @eddies1aumau #ShotoniPhone by Steven C. @stevencounts Check out IG Stories + IGTV for more.


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"Passing through the old city.” #ShotoniPhone by Ali J. @alijahanaraa

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“Overtaken by nature.” #ShotoniPhone by Alessio G. @alessiogianni

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“Incomplete impression.” #ShotoniPhone by Akbar A.A. @akbaralaziz

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“My love for traveling has become an addiction.” #ShotoniPhone by Afiif A. @afiifali


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“Catching a straggler in a pocket of light.” #ShotoniPhone by Cocu L. @cocu_liu

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“In Svalbard, people are guests and polar bears the masters.” #ShotoniPhone by Denis B. @astromadman

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“The small details add character.” #ShotoniPhone by Levan K. @kknvlz