Amber Rose Revah

Amber Rose Revah

@amberroserevah Actress, Writer, Dreamer. Pro Women's Rights worldwide & Women in Sports. Dinah Madani in Marvel's the Punisher

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I’m proud to have voiced this sports campaign by @yvescallewaert featuring so many kickass athletes. Time for sports media to change #covertheathlete

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The face when you think you've stepped in some doggy doodoo


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Climax of season 2 sees some serious action for Dinah. If you have got this far - Is it fear in my eyes ? Or hate ? #punisher #marvel #mcu

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When there are wasps in the forest and you're trying to kick their ass #happy #easter all 🌿🐝πŸ₯Š

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#bts on set Season 2 with JB after my little boxing session that morning . And now very excited to wear my limited edition #punisher @hayabusacombat boxing gloves next time I train πŸ₯ŠπŸ’― I hurt my shoulder a bit but soon as it's good I'll be back to business and post a vid with these little beauties

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Sometimes as an actor, you get to f*ck about with swords. #location #filming #Indi


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What a compliment . Dinah & Jigsaw @benbarnes immortalised on @nkeay1995 . Rock it well ! πŸ€™ #punisher #tattoo #marvel

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Dinah's favourite hobby? SKIING . And in ONE week today my brother @jrevahski competes for INTERSKI repping IRELAND! 🎿 Cheering you on bro! Check out the build up here #interski2019 #irishinterskiteam #punisher #ireland #proudsister

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I closed my eyes and I was back at @vasundhararesorts sitting in a Jacuzzi with the smell of Jasmine surrounding me. Thank you for making our stay so peaceful πŸ™Œβ™₯️. I opened my eyes and I was in Birmingham ..... #life in #blue