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Russell Levi Allodi 8.3.19 πŸ’™ our little Leo baby came out fighting two months early, and I’m already so inspired by his strength and have never loved someone more. Thank you for for letting me be your mommy πŸ₯°πŸ™πŸΌ

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For better or for worse... This man has been my rock, my strength, my everything. We’ve been through hell and back and I could not have done it without him. I’ve always considered myself a β€œstrong independent woman” but this last week has truly brought me to my knees and made me realize the reason you take wedding vows. I love you @ajallodi82 and I’m so beyond fortunate to have you as a husband and now father to our precious baby boy. πŸ’™


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So much to be thankful for πŸ’™ baby’s in NICU, mom’s in ICU, but we are both on our way...Things can get put into perspective pretty quickly in times like this and I am beyond grateful for my people... and for the outpour of support, love, and prayers for our family from this community πŸ™πŸΌ thank you #BabyAllodi

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31 weeks and officially diagnosed with Preeclampsia. If you watch my stories you know that I’ve been experiencing swelling for a few weeks now, but i didn’t really have any other noticeable symptoms. My blood pressure was a little high at our last appt compared to what it normally is for me, but was still not even close to the parameters for a pre-eclampsia diagnosis. Our Dr asked me a few more questions about other symptoms and I mentioned I had seen β€œstars” while in the shower once and my vision was a little blurry from far away. She decided to do a blood/ urine test on me just in case. Two days later she called and said the results were in: my bloodwork was all normal but the protein in my urine was slightly elevated. She told me to go buy a blood pressure cuff and to monitor myself at home and to call if either number were to go over 140/80. I had AJ pick one up on his way home and my first reading was 147/82. I called my OB and she told me to head to the hospital. Slightly annoyed and thinking we’d be back in time for dinner and Southern Charm, we headed to what we thought would be a precautionary blood pressure check. Well, when we got to the hospital it was even higher, at a more dangerous rate of around 160/90. They admitted me, hooked me up on an IV to prevent seizure and started me on a BP medication. The goal now is to keep me pregnant as long as possible, and to hopefully reach 34 weeks. Thanks to my amazingly proactive OB, and all of your messages- I was hyper aware of the symptoms of preeclampsia and was able to advocate for myself properly. This isn’t the easiest thing to share, but I just want others to be able to do the same. I’ve read some pretty terrifying stories and the ending can be tragic if symptoms are ignored. The most frustrating parts of this condition is how rapidly it can progress and that there is nothing you can do to prevent it or do to cure it except deliver. The thought of me sitting in this hospital bed for the next three weeks with nothing to do but lay here and wait isn't pleasant, but it’s a small price to pay and and a small blip in time in the grand scheme of things and I’d do it 1000x times over. #BabyAllodi πŸ’™

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Keepin’ it comfy this Monday with @vicidolls. There used to be a time in my life where comfort fell around #3 or 4 on the list but let’s just say as my bump grows my list shortens. πŸ˜‚πŸ€°πŸΌ #vicicollab #vicidolls #ambersbump

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My @vicidolls code is live! Use AMBER25 to get 25% off your entire order, only until midnight tonight! They’re also doing Vici bucks right now so you can save even more. Head to my stories for a few of my favorite new arrivals i tried on. Happy Sunday and happy shopping πŸ€— #vicicollab #vicidolls #ambersbump

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Loving any dress that covers my swollen ankles right now πŸ’¦πŸ€°πŸΌπŸ‘ Dress is @windsorstore #windsorambassador #ambersbump #pregnantAF


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My first official Maternity dress and I ain’t mad about it. From @shoppinkblush and it’s made of the softest material I could sleep in it ☁️🀰🏼 #shoppinkblush #prettyinpinkblush #sponsoredbypinkblush #ambersbump

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The look i give when someone asks me when I’m due and then they say β€œoh you still have a ways to go!” when I tell them 😐 Dress is from @windsorstore and still somehow wearing a medium #30weekspregnant #pregnantAF #ambersbump

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If you guys have watched my stories today you know what my biggest fear is and that I’m currently holding a cockroach prisoner under a Tupperware bowl outside my bedroom door until my husband gets home 😭 How was your day? Dress is @windsorstore #windsorambassador #ambersbump

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There’s a fu*king cockroach in the house 😭 going to my happy place now and reminiscing on better times from my shower πŸ’™ #awholeallodilove

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I’m a sucker for a beautiful tablescape and this one deserves its own post πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ thank you to @thebouqsco for helping it come to life #awholeallodilove #tablescape