Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny

@amandacerny Your daily dose of happiness🤓 Actress🦖💫 UN Ambassador🍃 @cernyfit @acerny2 #AmandaCerny 💛[email protected]

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Don’t you hate everyone ?

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Today’s look Inspiration: 💩


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Would you? New @ohoneydiary podcast episode is live! See what happens to Thor.. I mean @loganpaul as @sommerray and I fight for our rights to love unconditionally! 👊🏼✨

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Just Stormed Area 51! What do you wanna know ? #teamcerny

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Thou shall love your mama!

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Who’s your favorite character ?


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Me trying to show dominance in a relationship.. did I win?

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Thanks for all of the love! Lost about five pounds this morning post Food Baby. Feeling great☺️💪🏼 @cernyfit

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It’s a burrito! 😍☺️

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Star Spangled and Sassy 💋🇺🇸 #fourthofjuly #murica

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Blue or White? —- booty gains this summer so I can finally stop chasing johannes down to smack his tight lil booty and grab my own butt instead 😍🤷🏻‍♀️😈 @cernyfit