Alison Velázquez💃🏻

Alison Velázquez💃🏻

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LOVED💕celebrating my lil sis @dr.mamacita this past weekend - from impromptu bachelorette party to her wedding shower. Can’t wait to continue the fun in #LA • • • • • #offtheMARKet #chicago #bacheloretteparty #bride #latinas #GNO #laughs #familia #thoseyogamoves #makeitrain #doctorsgonewild


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✈️ & 🛥 only. Wishing my wifey @bitbykai the bestest because that’s what a queen 👑 deserves • • • • #happybirthday #thatsbae #wifey #chitown #cdmx #miami #wesexy #sorryyoucantsitwithus #numberonespotistaken

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SO excited about our newest partnership with @marianosmarket! Love the idea of two local brands working together to bring better for you food to the marketplace. Pick up the latest edition of their magazine next time you’re in store to see this feature which includes a recipe for a detoxifying ginger greens 🌱soup. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Also, JAN 17th 5-7pm stop by the HALSTED Mariano’s location in the #westloop I’ll be sampling soup, chatting about the benies of #souping and how to use our soups to do a DIY #soupcleanse at home • • • • • #skinnysouping #womeninbusiness #womeninfood #entrepreneurlife #mymarianos #chicago #soupingisalifestyle #healthymadesimple

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To my lil sis @dr.mamacita on her birthday💫✨ •I’d wish you luck for next year, but clearly you don’t need it. Instead of sitting back and taking the cards that life has dealt you, you’ve manifested and created the life you wanted from pure ambition and hard work. And not being scared, to take a chance on tinder. Lol. I love you, admire you and am so proud of you. 2019 is your year 🎈 and I can’t wait to celebrate you🥳. 😘 🥰💋


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I’m a very private person. So I rarely post things that aren’t just fun. Also, if shit is hitting the fan and I’m completely in the weeds, the last thing I’m thinking about is posting to IG. However, I’m in a reflective mood. We are living in a time where people are finally starting to be real (thank god, since I have zero filter) and transparency is increasingly important, so I feel a responsibility to shed light on a number of topics. Today’s being the other side of entrepreneurship. Don’t get me wrong - I’m beyond blessed to get to do what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for the world - shit, I clawed my way here tooth and nail for the opportunity. Yet, I think more people need to talk about the realities of entrepreneurship. The isolation. The constant stress (both real and self-inflicted). No work life balance ... and in the case you do take some time off the accompanying extreme guilt. Self doubt. Making hard decisions with zero road map. And complete lack of sleep because your brain never turns off. It’s not all sunshine, rainbows and cute hashtags. And if I am having enough traction that you actually take notice of what I’m doing, please believe the grind to get here has been years, not months. The good news is, that our passion for what we do runs so deep that we barely notice that other stuff. But, I just wanted to acknowledge that we all have those days. That’s it. I’m not selling you shit or trying to convince you that a green smoothie will change your life. Tomorrow is another day, so make it happen. #realtalk

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Lack of upper body strength is a constant complaint I hear from clients. Supported exercises like hanging pull ups on a cadillac or at the gym with a band are great ways to start building strength. Low reps & consistency are 🔑 • • • • • #pilatesbody #pilatescadillac #gottawerk #fitness #wellness #issalifestyle #corestrength #chicago

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