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Are you ready for a Luke-Lear Meltdown? Don't miss #TheBachelorette, TONIGHT at 8|7c on ABC.

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Our amazing hosts are handling the heights perfectly! #HighwireLive @michaelstrahan @erinandrews


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Who’s ready to watch Lijana’s amazing comeback? 🙌 #HighwireLive

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A nerve wracking night for all the Wallenda’s as Nik and Lijana prepare to walk the high wire. #HighwireLive

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You better believe we’re watching this crazy feat LIVE! Here are some numbers to get you pumped for @nikwallenda & Lijana Wallenda’s @highwirelive walk across Times Square this Sunday at 8|7c on ABC. #HighwireLIVE

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After a traumatizing experience, these siblings will need to trust each other when they walk a tightrope 25 stories above Times Square. Watch live on ABC Sunday, June 23, at 8/7c. #HighwireLIVE

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Get ready for the biggest competition in the world! @holeymoleyabc starts TONIGHT at 8|7c.


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She’s the one they need. This summer, there’s trouble in paradise. @reefbreakabc premieres TONIGHT at 10|9c.

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Fire it up! This cooking competition is family style! @foodfightabc premieres TONIGHT at 9|8c on ABC! #FamilyFoodFight

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To Infinity and ____! #SummerFunAndGames will be back for more fun next Sunday, but we're ready to play with #ToyStory4 this Friday! @toystory

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Don’t miss one of the greatest comebacks of all time when @lwallenda makes her emotional return to the wire during @highwirelive this Sunday on ABC. #HighwireLIVE

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Coach Mendez is being honored with the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance at the #ESPYS on ABC - this is Part 2 of his story