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NFL Memes

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190    7    2 days ago

For those who think i’m dead. Not yet. If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. Kidnapped by the Chinese mafia. If you want to know where to find me. @real.stephen.a.smith is my new account. This is not the end. I will see you all once again. Thank you for a great 5 months. For now. See you next season. In pineapple we trust

581    17    1 month ago

Giants fans still on suicide watch rn • Who’s better, OBJ or AB and why? • • via @hoodgonzalez


4.3K    118    1 month ago

Who’s the true Walmart Brand Patriots, the Lions or the Dolphins?

1.4K    27    2 months ago

They will play in loving memory of Tony Gonzalez. R.I.P. Tony!

5.7K    206    2 months ago

Did someone give Josh Allen the N word pass? This is a real head scratcher!

1.2K    40    2 months ago

Tom Brady defends Mr. Kraft after a story breaks that Kraft is charged with prostitution. Thoughts? This is 100% real


927    66    2 months ago

hE shOuLD bE iN the nFl! He got benched for Blaine Fucking Gabbert!

1.2K    98    2 months ago

Facts? Comment below who is the worst fan base in the NFL⬇️

5.2K    222    2 months ago

Interesting words from every teachers role model Jalen Ramsey. Is Ramsey right?

1.3K    29    2 months ago

I knew Mr. Rivers was family centered, but WOW!

1.1K    41    2 months ago

Who else had Kareem Hunt on their team?