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Aaron Ramsey

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81.5K    661    6 days ago

Naples bound 🇮🇹


78.4K    244    8 days ago

+3 💪🏼 Big week ahead💥

195.6K    2.8K    12 days ago

Still a lot of work to be done but a solid start from the boys 💪🏼

77K    415    16 days ago

Disappointing today but can’t dwell on this result! Still so much to play for - starting on Thursday 💪🏼


73.7K    239    18 days ago

Great conversation with His Royal Highness. What a memorable evening #ourplanet @wwf_uk

62.1K    188    19 days ago

It was a great privilege to be invited to yesterday’s premier - Our Planet. I cannot wait for everyone to see it. It was an honour to share a room with their Royal Highnesses and Sir David Attenborough a real hero of mine and royalty in his own way. I have always enjoyed these programs growing up and this does not disappoint. It has incredible highs with some laugh out loud moments, brilliant footage of nature in all its amazement. There are also some lows as we see what we - in our comfort zones leading our day-to-day lives are doing to this planet - OUR planet. It’s time we wake up and do something about it @wwf_uk #ourplanet

135.6K    1.6K    22 days ago

Great atmosphere at the Emirates tonight. Good to get on the score sheet and even better to get the 3 points ⚽️

102.7K    589    23 days ago

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife and the best mama to these 3 amazing boys. We are all so lucky ❤️

63.3K    243    23 days ago

Thanks for everything you do mum 🙏🏼Happy Mother’s Day #mothersday ❤️