@aaronlee14 Cal State Long Beach || 11/7

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Family first ✊🏽😀🀞🏽

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CIF VOLLEYBALL PLAYOFF GAME THIS TUESDAY (4/30) AT 6 !! Come support AT HOME we need everyone ! πŸβœ…


261    4    2 months ago

These boys worked incredibly hard at practice and helped keep the trophy at Calle. These boys are going to be a great class for south high basketball. All I can say is David and I are 2-0 #coachoftheyear #wereallydothis #thebulldogswillneverforget #wegotourrevenge

330    27    3 months ago

It was an honor to represent South Torrance basketball for 4 years. Thank you to all the people that came out to watch the games,to all my friends that showed up to see me play. I will never forget ALL my brothers that I've shared the court with, every year was special in its own way and I wouldn't trade any of the memories I made with these guys for the world. It's been a pleasure, THANK YOU SOUTH TORRANCE #endofanEra #OTTNO

219    11    6 months ago

ThankFULL for my team ❀️

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JASS's last hoco πŸ€ͺ


237    8    1 year ago

Finally got a chance to bring the trophy home for Calle

227    8    1 year ago

Next seasons gonna be crazy