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She isn’t a character, she is not asked to step outside of herself, but allowed to play a different version. Saskia is one of those incredible models who pulls from an abstract place to find different ways of expressing herself, finding those other versions It’s important to see not only the different roles we take on as women but our varied emotions


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Before I could afford to shoot Polaroid I would make drawings to remember shots and to show the team the composition and credits that made it into the frame. Shooting on film forces trust from the team. This would give a hint of insight into what I was seeing through my camera. These chicken scratch drawings must not have given any comfort to those working with me

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My main role as a photographer is to form relationships with the women in front of my camera, sometimes it needs to happen quickly and othertimes I am lucky enough to get to work many times with someone and gain a greater bond with her and then the work we produce begins to feel more and more collaborative. A lot of this happens in the conversations in and around shooting. It’s hard to put these discussions into still images, I’m working out how to show more if this in my work. I didn’t mean for this Polaroid of Giedre to feel similar to the one of Amber, it’s the same week and my eye is reacting similarly I suppose. The quick Polaroid, I take a few within a series of a minute, feels almost thoughtless and instinctual. But also just simple and direct. I guess it’s because I’ve seated them both.

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Amber and I have shot together in almost all the cities she has lived in (oddly still haven’t in NY), we’ve even shot in her home state Oklahoma. It was fitting to have her to my home in Topanga today, not too far from her home