The Titan Games

The Titan Games

@nbctitangames Titans aren't born, they're made. πŸ’ͺ #TitanGames with @therock every Thursday 8/7c on @nbc.

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3.6K    52    2 days ago

Anyone else eager for a drink with @therock now? 🍹 #TitanGames

4.3K    29    2 days ago

These are the moments we fight for. ✊ #TitanGames


2.2K    31    3 days ago

@neeks93 had one motto in mind leading into Mt. Olympus: Titan Strong. πŸ‘Š #TitanGames

4.4K    28    3 days ago

The true testament of Titan strength is lifting each other up. 🀝 #TitanGames

4.8K    58    4 days ago

Nothing but respect πŸ‘Š for this week's female Titan, @neeks93. #TitanGames

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@bridgerbuckley proved the undeniable pay-off of pure dedication. πŸ‘Š #TitanGames

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Ever wanted to chat with a Titan? β›° Fire away in the comments below while @neeks93 and @bridgerbuckley answer all your #TitanGames questions!


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Nothing more powerful than women supporting women. πŸ’ͺ #TitanGames

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Anyone else scream watching @steven_hoppe14 and @bridgerbuckley battle it out? 😱 #TitanGames

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@steven_hoppe14 has us more motivated than ever before. ✊ Has he inspired you? #TitanGames

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These women have endless strength! πŸ’ͺ Who has all the POWER? #TitanGames

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@therock is the cheerleader we all need in our lives. πŸ‘ #TitanGames