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Run the game until the doubters can’t keep up. #OBJ and #BeatsStudio3Wireless are Made To Stand Out.

30.4K    87    4 days ago

From the training ground to the stadium, #ChelseaFC and #BeatsStudio3Wireless are Made To Stay Locked In. #EdenHazard #RubenLoftusCheek #JorginhoFrello


10.8K    87    9 days ago

Never stop. #TomBrady and #BeatsX are Made To Charge and Go.

31.8K    209    13 days ago

A celebration of individuality. Tap the tags for more about the stories behind each #1of1 headphone, directly from our creators themselves.

29K    116    13 days ago

Like a pro. #PharrellWilliams took #1of1 creativity with Beats to another level: producing a blank canvas (and a piece of art in themselves) to inspire all.

44.4K    353    13 days ago

#PostMalone’s #1of1 design showcases his beerbongs & bentleys album cover art.


28.3K    129    13 days ago

Only the best. #DJKhaled’s unique #1of1 headphones reflect his drive for excellence, with 24 carat gold detailing and a bespoke design by street artist #Retna.

21.7K    58    13 days ago

Fresh for a prince. #BenSimmons’ #1of1 puts on for his city and his country, with a Philly-inspired color choice proudly bearing the Australian boxing kangaroo.

23.4K    143    13 days ago

#BeckyG’s #1of1 headphones were inspired by faith and family. She created a custom design centered around the dragonfly; a personal symbol for her, and a story told best herself.

24.4K    63    13 days ago

Shaped in the streets to silence the world. #NeymarJr’s #1of1 captures his determination to take on anything and anyone.

14.7K    67    13 days ago

Never change. #SerenaWilliams’ #1of1 spirit shines through with a bright twist to her favorite leopard print pattern, standing out on and off court.