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Most recent odds to win MVP. Is Embiid underrated here? I think so this according to https://www.oddsshark.com/nba


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Slimeball sweepstakes. Vote on the worst guys in sports. Here is our first bracket. 1 seed-Mike Tyson vs 8 seed Metta World peace/Ron Artest. 2 seed Ray Rice Vs 7 seed Ty Dome. 3 seed Michael Vick vs. 6 seed Lenny Dyktra. 4 seed Ben Rothelsberger vs. 5 seed Pete Rose. We have another 1 through 8 we will be announcing tonight, who would you nominate? How do you feel about our seeding? Agree or disagree? Listen to our new episode coming tonight. We announce the other slimeball sweepstakes bracket, and talk Sixers and Eagles of course!