Trey McVay/ Kami McVay

Trey McVay/ Kami McVay

@12treymcvay I take Herbalife everyday!!! I have a program that works %100 Natural Lifter☆☆ [email protected]

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Both of my boys hate to lose, everything is a race or a game to us. When I say he's fast I mean FAST FAST!!!!

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Happy Sunday!!!!!


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Rabbits Eat Veggies!!!!

73    15    23 days ago

All Angles of Tention!!!!

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Great times with great friends. Congrats Jasmine and Rodrick!!!!

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The people you surround yourself with in life either make you better or worse so Choose Wisely. @ti_pinkk

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Great vibes, Great Energy. My Guy @gthomas10


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Dunk till my 40's is a goal of mine. I will achieve it!!!! 135lbs always land in a squat when jumping with weight on your back.

152    8    1 month ago

Wake up and work for it. You can and you will is what I have on repeat in my head on a daily basis.

143    7    2 months ago

Surround yourself with like minded individuals that will challenge you to push past your limits. We are here to inspire, so our consistency is a must not a choice. I have to get it done no matter what it takes, the only thing stopping your goals is your mindset. The words I live by are "I can" and "I will"💪💪💪

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When preparation meets opportunity!!!!!

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Just a random photo shoot, at a random place. Stay ready so you never have to get ready.