Trey McVay

Trey McVay

@12treymcvay I take Herbalife everyday!!! I have a program that works %100 Natural Lifter☆☆ [email protected]

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My mama said I was handsome, so I posted the picture. #MamaLove

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How bad do you want it, I ask myself that question everyday to remind myself that there's somebody out there working harder than me. I do it the right way so my results are long lasting!!!


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I pride myself in being different, I always say if you want to look different you have to work different. I'm not BIG on supplements, although they do help, I stay as natural as possible. I've been consistent for a long time and everything you see on my page is all me and proper nutrition.

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There's work that must be done, we are just 2 men that excepted the challenge. We work for what we want no excuses!!!! @matthewg620

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Your results are on the other side of failure. You have to find a way to push past your breaking point. Once you learn how to mentally go to that place your body will start to transform.

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New Year Same Friends. Shout out to some real ones. You always need people your corner that will sacrifice the same for you as you will for them. Also HUGE SHOUT OUT TO @mytaah_ and @tosha_lashea that's a BIG step bro and I'm proud you my man. @ti_pinkk


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Just chip away at the body you want, there will alway be a new goal, it never stops...........ever!!!

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Its suppose to hurt!!!!

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Your core is your founadation!!!

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I've worked for everything, to me it's worth the pain and the time. Looking and feeling my best is my ultimate goal. My passion is relentless and my goals are endless. I was put on this earth to inspire and inspire is what I shall do.